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Houseparents Seminar

Cagayan: The Calabrian Children's Foundation Inc. hosted 2 days seminar together with the CSWD staff headed by Ma'am Orlyn Revilla for the houseparents of different GO and NGO institutions. The theme of the said seminar was "Enhancement Capability for Houseparents". It was attended by the houseparents of 3 institutions accordingly, Calabrian Children's Foundation Inc., Kasanag Daughters Foundation, and Home Care for Girls - Social Development Center. Atty. Luie Borja developed the topic on the 1st day on "Child Protection Laws" particularly R.A. 7610 and R.A. 9344 while Ms. Jaymee Leonen, Rpsy. elucidated the topic on "Stages of Development" and "Positive Discipline". At the end of the two days seminar, the participants received their certificates and went back to their respective institutions girded with new knowledge and skills for the best welfare of their children.


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