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"Recollection and Vocation Accompaniment"

Taytay: The Antonio C. Esguerra Memorial National High School had a transformative recollection day for its Grade 12 students, at San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish today, focusing on the exploration of vocation and the significance of sacrificial love. The event brought together the expertise of Sr. Maria Jose and Fr. John Mark, along with the vibrant participation of the Loved Flock Charismatic Community.

The recollection day commenced at 8:30 am with a heartfelt opening prayer led by Sr. Maria Jose, setting a contemplative atmosphere for the students. They were encouraged to embrace silence and introspection as they embarked on this spiritual journey. Shortly after, at 8:45 am, the Loved Flock Charismatic Community animated the students, captivating their hearts with vibrant skills of singing and dancing.

At 9:00 am, Fr. John Mark took the stage, engaging the students in a thought-provoking talk and meditation centered around the concept of vocation as a sacrifice of love. Drawing from his own experiences, he emphasized the transformative power of selflessness, holiness and service to others as God called each one according to His will. The students were inspired to consider their own unique vocations and how they could contribute to the world through acts of love and compassion.

A well-deserved break at 10:00 am provided an opportunity for the students to recharge and enjoy snacks, fostering a sense of camaraderie among peers. The recollection resumed at 10:15 am with a sharing session, allowing students to express their reflections and engage in meaningful discussions. This exchange of ideas deepened their understanding of vocation and sacrificial love, fostering a sense of community and mutual support.

At 11:00 am, the focus shifted to vocation promotion, with Sr. Maria Jose and Fr. John Mark leading separate sessions for girls and boys, respectively. Sr. Maria Jose passionately encouraged the girls to explore religious vocations, highlighting the fulfillment that comes from a life dedicated to serving God and others. Meanwhile, Fr. John Mark engaged the boys in meaningful conversations about discerning their vocational paths and embracing the sacrifices that come with love and service.

The recollection day concluded with a sense of renewed purpose and inspiration among the Grade 12 students. They left with a deeper understanding of vocation as a sacrificial expression of love and a commitment to discerning their own paths. The event served as a catalyst for their personal growth and a reminder of the power of love to transform lives.



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