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SLRP Youth Ministry Successfully Complete Annual Antipolo Cathedral Pilgrimage this Holy Week

Taytay: The annual San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish Youth Pilgrimage is an esteemed event that fosters spiritual growth and camaraderie among young parishioners since 1995. With a more than a decade-long tradition, this pilgrimage is a testament to the unwavering faith and dedication of the youth in the San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish. In recent years, the pilgrimage has attracted an impressive turnout, with almost 200 participants in the recent pilgrimage last April 5.

Prior to embarking on the pilgrimage, the youth gathered at San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish for an insightful program. This assembly featured profound testimony from Spiritual Director Rev. Fr. Miller John Masillones, PSDP, and San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Melchizedek de Lara, PSDP. Subsequently, a mass and liturgy were conducted to invoke divine blessings for the journey ahead.

The pilgrims proceeded to the Calabrian Formation School (CFS), where Rev. Fr. John Mark Regañon, PSDP, delivered an edifying program and reflection. This segment of the event provided valuable spiritual guidance and reinforced the pilgrimage's overarching purpose.

The crux of the pilgrimage was the arduous walk to the Antipolo Cathedral, an endeavor marked by hymns, prayers, and recitation of the rosary. Along the way, the youth participated in the Stations of the Cross, an integral component of the pilgrimage which deepened their faith and spiritual connection.

Upon arrival at the Antipolo Cathedral, participants offered their prayers and attended the Chrism Mass in the morning of April 6 where they also raised their thanksgiving to Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. This act of devotion signified the culmination of the pilgrims' spiritual journey and their unwavering commitment to their faith.

The pilgrimage's impact is multifaceted, as it not only fortifies the youth's faith and spirituality but also cultivates lasting connections among participants. One pilgrim remarked, "The pilgrimage is a great way to meet new friends and to strengthen our relationship with God, especially for the youth. We are grateful for the opportunity to join this event and to experience the presence of God in our lives."

In recognition of the pilgrimage's success, the San Lorenzo Parish Youth Ministry extended their gratitude to the volunteers and marshals who ensured the safety and well-being of the participants throughout the journey. Their selfless contributions are indispensable in maintaining the pilgrimage's enduring legacy.

The San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish Youth Pilgrimage serves as a shining example of the power of faith and the importance of fostering spiritual growth among the youth. As youth worldwide grapple with declining in faith, this pilgrimage demonstrates the potential for dynamic, engaging events to inspire and cultivate the faith of future generations.

With anticipation for next year's pilgrimage already building, the San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish Youth Ministry is poised to continue nurturing the spiritual development of its young parishioners. As the pilgrimage evolves and expands in the years to come, it remains a beacon of hope, inspiration, and unity for the youth it serves.

- Ms. Lalaine Coronel

Photo Credit: Ms. Andrea and Mr. Dominic



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