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Gift-Giving for Children on the Feast Day of Santo Niño

Calbayog City: The 3rd Sunday of the month of January is well-known as the feast day of Santo Niño or the Holy Child Jesus. This devotion is popular among Filipinos not only because of its significance in the coming of Christianity to the Philippines, but also because of the heard-prayers and miracles attributed through Santo Niño’s mediation.

In connection to this great celebration, the Nazareth Formation House (NFH) community has prepared something special for children. The community made a program which includes a trivia about the Sto. Nino, Zumba, Games, and Praise & Worship. Hopefully, through this event, the community enlivens the spirit that the Santo Niño would like us to imbibe not only today, but forever.

Viva Pit Señor!



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