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Cagayan de Oro: Yesterday, some members of the board of trustees of Calabrian Children’s Foundation were gathered to tackle about the document on the Calabrian management that was issued by the Mary, Mother of the Poor Delegation (Philippines). As early as two in the afternoon, they already began their meeting since there were a lot of topics laid before them especially those pertaining to the formation of the children and how to achieve sustainability amidst financial crisis. True enough, they had a weighty discussion since they ended their meeting at around 7:30 pm.

Meanwhile, this day some benefactors and benefactresses of CCF were also convened for a formation gathering. As they arrived, they were warmly welcomed by no other than the CCF administrator, Fr. Jeffrey Singzon, PSDP who was also the one to facilitate their convocation. In addition, the said gathering was also blessed by the presence of the delegation administrator, Fr. Ronaldo Eborde, PSDP. Accordingly the purpose of the gathering were twofold: that CCF benefactors and benefactresses will get to know more about the nature and the mission of the PSDP congregation, and also the religious will get to know them. Eventually through this, they will be able to experience the spirit of being part of the Calabrian family.


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