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Friendship Games with the Youth

Calbayog City: The aspirants of Nazareth Formation House (NFH) together with their priest-formator, Rev. Fr. Mark Jonnel H. Magos, PSDP had a friendship games in volleyball and basketball with the Holy Infant Parish Youth of Brgy. Oquendo and Brgy. Libertad. These activities were made to establish connection and strengthen the relation among the youth.  

            Before starting their games, the celebration of the Holy Eucharist was first held. A moment of prayer and communion with the Lord reminded the youth that they are cared for and loved by the Risen Jesus who makes himself present in the Eucharist for all of them. After the celebration of the mass, all were gathered in the basketball court for the friendship games.

As Calabrians, the formation of the youth is one of their top priorities. St. John Calabria wrote in 1948 and 1952 respectively: “Our Opera has from the Providence as its special and primary goal to care the youth…. You can do a lot of good to many youth that the Divine Providence entrusts to you to help them through the way of good.” Thus, faithful to this instruction, the aspirants of NFH community are looking forward for more pastoral activities and engagements with the youth.

(Friendship game with the youth of Brgy. Oquendo)

(Friendship game and mass with the youth [and church-goers] of Brgy. Libertad)



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