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"A Message to the Calabrian Family"

Dear Brothers and Sisters of our Calabrian Family,

The Casante and the General Council of PSDP Congregation announce that the XII Chapter of the Poor Servants of Divine Providence, which had to start on April 26, will be postponed to a later date due to the corona virus pandemic. We will set a new date as soon as possible. In any case, the XII General Chapter will take place when the global health conditions allow it.

Please, find attached our Casante’s letter and the official communication from the Vatican. Father Miguel invites the whole Calabrian Family to remain in communion through prayer. He wishes you to live this time of waiting with trust in the Father and to strengthen the bonds of solidarity between us and above all with the poor and the needy.

Fr. Reynaldo Olan___

Delegate Superior - Philippines

Prot. Supgen/0012/20 SUBJECT: Postponement of the 12nd General Chapter of the Poor General Chapter of the Poor Servants of the Divine Providence for obvious reasons. Dearest Brothers,

It is well known to us the pandemic reality of coronavirus (Covid-19) concerning the public health problem and the restrictions it has caused in international transfers and journeys all over the world. As we are nearing the beginning of the 12nd General Chapter, 26th April 2020, he General Council has sent a letter to the Prefect for the Congregations of the Religious Institutes of Consecrated Life and the Apostolic Life Society, His Eminence João Card Braz DE Aviz (Prot. Supgen/0009/20), requesting permission to postpone the Chapter. The Prefect answered on 2nd April 2020 (in attachment the official communication from CIVCSVA) authorizing our request. So, we shall announce the new date as soon as the actual situation is over.

Dear brothers, I take this opportunity to invite you, as it was always said by the General Council and the pre chapter committees of the delegations/missions, to live the current reality in profound faith and hope because at the helm of the Opera and of the whole world is God, our Father and Providence. Regarding to our General Chapter, the current time allows us to intensify our prayers and the listening to the Holy Spirit; to deepen and contemplate the synodic movement involving the Opera: religious and laity as a large family that in listening, in dialogue, in discernment wishes to walk together and to be a real sign of prophecy and communion. Blessings Maria Vergine “Padrona dell’Opera”, prega per noi! San Giovanni Calabria, prega per noi!

Verona, 9 aprile 2020, Giovedì Santo – Messa In Coena Domini

Fr. Miguel Tofful



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