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Christmas Party 2018

Taytay: On this day, December 19, 2018, Calabrian Formation School and Bro. Francisco Clinic staff, along with the PSDP Priests, Brothers, and Sisters celebrated the Christmas Party to commemorate the Incarnation of the Son of God - Jesus Christ. It started with a prayer and an opening remark from Fr. Ronald Eborde, followed by a song number from Teacher Eric Hinto and a dance presentation of the selected faculty members. Mrs. Mariflor Cruz and Fr. Rey Olan awarded ten outstanding employees of the year. Then followed by a raffle draw wherein employees received consolation and major prizes. The staff enjoyed the games, videoke, exchanging of gifts and a simple dinner for all.

It was indeed a joyous day to unite with one another as the teachers, clinic staff, and religious brothers and sisters gathered together in this wondrous time of the year. May we always remember the true meaning of Christmas: the infinite love of God in giving His only begotten Son to dwell among us.


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