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Honoring the Dead, CCF Children at Prayer

After spending more than a week of break from school, some children of the Calabrian Children’s Foundation (CCF) returned from holidays. Arriving a day before the celebration of the ‘All Saints Day,’ they seemed to still feel a sort of homesickness as they reminisced the things they usually do when they were back home. However, whether they like it or not, classes will begin on November 2 – that is today. In other words, they had to prepare themselves for school and be ready to get back to the daily routine of CCF.

Granted that classes officially begin this day, i.e., on ‘All Souls Day,’ a day set aside for honoring the dead, this suggests that to visit the cemetery and pray for the dead is a far-fetched vision to be attained this day. In order not to mess up with their school activities, they remembered the departed and prayed for them a day before, i.e., on ‘All Saints Day’ in Bolonsori Cemetery, Camaman-an and Divine Shepherd Memorial Garden, Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City respectively. Despite the scorching heat of the sun and the huge volume of people flocking by the cemetery, this became an opportunity for them to pause for a moment, reflect and say some prayers. Hence, united with so many people across the globe, they plead for God to grant eternal rest and to let his perpetual light shine upon those who have fallen asleep.



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