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Sister Anna Martini passed away

Sr. Anna Martini has serenely left us at the dawn of Sunday, June 12. Last Monday she was taken to hospital because of a brain haemorrhage from which didn’t recover anymore.

Sr. Anna since a ten-year period has been part of the Sisters Community of San Zeno in Monte, and last year had celebrated the 50th anniversary of religious life. She was in the group of the four sisters who started the mission in Brazil. She has held also some important tasks like the Delegate of Latin America and Angola, and the Vicar General for six years of Mother Elisa Cantieri; and besides, she was a true sister and mother in many houses of the Opera.

We like to remember Sr. Anna as she is portrayed in this last photo, taken just in the afternoon shortly before the attack of haemorrhage. May her reassuring smile and her inseparable apron accompany us and remind us her life entirely given to the service of the Brothers and Sisters of the Opera.

We thank all the Calabrian Family for its prayer for Sr. Anna during this short time of sickness and all who were close to the Sisters to support and comfort them.


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