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Prusisyon san mga Karosa

Calbayog City: As customarily done in Calbayog City every after the celebration of the Liturgy of the Lord’ Passion, the procession of the the karosa (carroza in spanish), a carriage used to carry the images of Jesus, Mary, and the saints immediately followed. Each karo was elaborately decorated with lights and flowers and embellished with colorful linens and ornaments as an expression of faith and devotion. Among the images in the procession were the images of Santo Entierro (holy burial) or the statue of the dead Jesus, and of Mater Dolorosa (Our Lady of Sorrows).

With burning devotion in their hearts, Calbayognons and the aspirants of Nazareth Formation House community flocked the procession and expressed their heartfelt sorrow for the death of the Lord and their magnanimous gratitude for His selfless offering of life for the salvation of all.



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