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A Meeting with Mr. Fabris

Cagayan de Oro City – Two days passed since he arrived in Cagayan de Oro City, Mr. Giovanni Fabris convoked a meeting with CCF Staff and PSDP religious at CCF Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro City. Introducing himself as a lay collaborator working in Procura Missioni Sostegno Sanità Onlus, a non-profit organization affiliated to but not directly handled by the PSDP congregation, he briefly narrated its history and how they became connected to the congregation. He also shared to the group about the vision and mission of the organization. Though bothered at times by his “poor english” as he bluntly expressed, he enunciated how their organization had collaborated through the aid of benefactors in Italy in rebuilding the lives of people across the world. Mainly concerned in social activities, he explicated how the economic crisis in Europe had created a swathe of changes to the way their services are now being rendered. As a downright invitation to the group, he urged them to generate local sponsorship by presenting our needs so as to create awareness of social responsibility but not in a way that would betray our spirituality of concealment. Toward adjourning the meeting, a series of questions were asked; few of which concerning some guidelines on how to initiate sponsorship considering the unique context of the Philippines especially Cagayan de Oro city. A work-in-progress so to say, the group was determined to venture toward this new phase of service.

Thanks to Mr. Fabris who came all the way from Italy to the Philippines to orient us about Procura Missioni and our tasks as co-responsible in rehabilitating and rebuilding the lives of people especially the children.


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