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"Sto. Niño Mission Youth Ministry"

"Life is miserable if we do not use it in the right way. The only ticket for us to feel free and having contentment is to have faith in God Almighty"

Nuing: Last July 31, 2021, The St. Niño Mission Station Youth ministry and its CORE GROUP gathered at Bangonay, Kitayo, Jose Abad Santos, Davao Occidental to celebrate some of the youths natal days. On the same day, they were also gathered by Fr. Raymond Balaod PSDP, for a special meeting. The meeting was about on how to improve the performances of the Youth. In the meeting also, they discussed the so-called "Gagmayng Halad", and the upcoming activities; like the "Tree Planting," for the "Commemoration of the 500 Years of Christianity in the Philippines." Moreover, during the meeting, Fr. Raymond taught them how to "Build a strong foundation and Relationships" towards God and also towards our Nation.

The Youth Ministry sends their love and kisses to the GKK KITAYO for a WARM welcome and love.

Credit to:

Editor: Marjune Retardo

Photographer: Rhea Mae M. Donaire and Soi Lawag



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