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St. Joseph and Our Situation Today (Last Part)

Calbayog City: Perhaps, most of us are wondering if St. Joseph is still with us today. The truth is: Yes, he is but of course not physically. He will not be called “Patron of Hidden Life” for nothing. Joseph’s hiddenness can speak of our situation today. Indeed, St. Joseph lives a life of quiet and hidden service to God. His life has many concealed, unrecorded and unseen acts of faith, hope and charity. His hidden life tells us that there is no need of trumpeting our good works; there is no need of expecting something in return when we give; there is no need for public applause and recognition whenever we pray. God mysteriously sees and recognizes our good works and God who sees our good works in secret will also reward us in secret (cf. Mt 6:1-8).

The hidden life of St. Joseph is shared and participated by so many people today through the pandemic: the medical workers who, clad in their PPE’s, selflessly attend to COVID-19 patients despite the risks and perils; the teachers who tirelessly prepare modules and do on-line classes for the welfare of their students; the delivery riders who are willing to cross boundaries and travel across miles to bring the “essential goods” to their customers; the police officers, soldiers and barangay officials who help ensure that rules and regulations be upheld for the safety of everybody; the parents who toil for a living and who make a lot of sacrifices to provide for the needs of their family; the priests and religious who silently pray and offer the Eucharist to implore the divine assistance in this moment of difficulty. There are so many hidden lives, so many unseen acts of faith, hope and charity, so many secret prayers and supplications offered to God, so many unnoticed sacrifices and endeavors performed during this time of COVID pandemic. This is rightly so because the hidden life of St. Joseph is mysteriously lived by so many of us. St. Joseph reminds us that those who appear hidden or in the shadows can play a significant role in our society today. To them and to all of us, a million thanks!

Hence, it is timely that this year be dedicated to St. Joseph. For centuries, this “secret” of St. Joseph lies hidden. Now it is our turn to discover it. Now is the time of St. Joseph! The Church and the entire world are in dire need of St. Joseph. We desperately need for his fatherly protection. Our global community is now under vicious assaults from the virus, the malevolent people and the evil one. We need St. Joseph to protect us. So, together with the Universal Church, we implore the paternal intercession of St. Joseph, the Patron of Hidden Life, to grant us the graces that we need in this difficult moment:

Hail, Guardian of the Redeemer, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. To you God entrusted his only Son; in you Mary placed her trust; with you Christ became man. Blessed Joseph, to us too, show yourself a father and guide us in the path of life. Obtain for us grace, mercy and courage, and defend us from every evil. [1]

St. Joseph, Patron of Hidden Life… Pray for us!

*** End***

[1] Pope Francis, Patris Corde.



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