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Professional Development Seminar

Taytay: Last August 27, 2021, the Calabrian Formation School teachers had a professional development seminar held at the same school. It was a whole day seminar about "Using Google Form Sheets and Google Classroom; the Best Interactive Apps; and how to Inculcate Values in Teaching the 21st Century Learners in Distance Learning." The speakers were from public school teachers who shared their expertise on the matter. They were Ms. Rodiza Mariblanca, and Mrs. Amy A. Tejada. It was undoubtedly a day filled with learning for the teachers, for it was not only the minds which are nurtured but also their spirits, as the speakers also shared their experiences in learning with God.

"Learning is indeed a lifelong process. As we go on with our lives, learning continues. It does not stop. It pours more than we can handle. And as facilitators of learning, we should not stop learning, either, for a whole new generation of learners depends on us." - Teacher Ma. Luz Iglesia.



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