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Institution to the Ministries of Lectorate and Acolytate

Cagayan de Oro City: On the occasion of the memorial of St. Cyril, monk and St. Methodios, Bishop, three of our religious brothers were instituted to the ministries of lectorate, namely: Br. John Bosco Mutulo, PSDP, Br. Leanard Tadena, PSDP, and Br. Ardiomer Amabao, PSDP. Meanwhile, Br. Keirstin Lamparas, PSDP was instituted to both ministries of lectorate and acolytate.

(Br. Ardiomer receives the Bible)

(Br. Keirstin receives the chalice)

These ministries are considered to be part of the canonical requirements before being ordained to the Sacred Order of Deacons. As lectors, they are to proclaim the Word of God with faith and devotion. As acolyte, Br. Keirstin is to assist in every eucharistic celebration with a contrite heart and humble spirit.



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