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Entrance to Postulancy

Taytay: Last August 2, 2023 (Wednesday), six aspirants of the Philippine Delegation were formally received as postulants. Samuel Fermino, Jayson Lucido, Jorimay Bulawan, Roylan Masungcad, Michael Yape, and Antonio Virtudazo Jr. embarked on their journey towards religious life under the guidance of their Postulant master, Fr. John Mark Regañon.

The occasion was graced by a Holy Eucharist presided by Fr. John Mark and concelebrated by Fr. Ronaldo Eborde and Fr. Reynaldo Olan. The St. John Maria Vianney collaborators also participated in the celebration, adding to the joyous atmosphere.

As postulants, the six individuals will now integrate into the religious community, embracing a common life of prayer, work, and fellowship. This period of immersion in the Calabrian way of life will be instrumental in their discernment of God's will for their future paths. The entire community expressed hope and prayers for their personal growth and a deeper understanding of their calling as they continue to seek God's guidance in their lives.

The Philippine Delegation looks forward to nurturing these aspirants as they explore their vocation and embark on a meaningful and purposeful journey in service to God and the Church.



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