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CCF Summer Camp 2021

Cagayan de Oro: Following the recommended health and safety protocols, Calabrian Children’s Foundation Summer Camp 2021 kicked off last May 13, 2021, at Lumbia Novitiate House. The theme for this year’s summer camp was in line with the celebration of the Year of St. Joseph: “Braveheart: a Father Like No Other.”

The children, together with the house parents, were divided into 3 teams which were named after the significant qualities of the foster father of Jesus: Providers, Protectors, and Peacemakers. The teams competed in different indoor and outdoor sports. The children were also able to showcase their talents and ingenuities during the two nights of Literary and Musical Competitions.

This summer camp also became an opportunity for the children to undergo trainings like tomato jam making, basic tailoring, dance and news casting exercises, and first-aid seminar. They were also able to listen to a talk regarding mental health awareness.

The community outing in Hidden Valley Resort was also a day of great enjoyment, especially for the kids. The awarding ceremony was held on the morning of May 22.

This activity was made possible through a number of individuals who became instruments of the Providence. May the Lord reward them for their generosity.



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