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"Calabrian Health Care Model and its application in the BFPC"

Taytay: Last September 10, 2021 the Brother Francis Perez Clinic staffs had their monthly formation about the Calabrian health care model. The meeting focused, above all, the sharing of personal and Institution experiences based on the model that was on this third step of formation. Everyone was invited to think, reflect, evaluate and share, answering variety of questions such as: how the Calabrian health care model enlightens the BFPC mission? How Saint John Calabria's Life and example enlightens our mission with the sick? And many others questions was discussed in order to do an important comparison between the Calabrian health care model and BFPC mission.

The seminar started at 1 pm and ended at 5 pm. The venue was in the Calabrian formation school ( CFS). All BFPC staffs including the administration team attended the said formation. The seminar was contemplated with personal sharing, workshop, and interviews in which 3 veteran staff had shared their personal experience in the clinic.

We give thanks to God for all these wonderful gifts, especially for the life and example of Saint John Calabria, may he help us to love and serve our suffering brothers and sisters, just as he did.



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