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Calabrian Formation School: Classes Began

Taytay: Last August 16, 2021, the Calabrian Formation School officially opened it's classes for students in the school year 2021-2022. It's first week was decided to be allotted for the parent’s orientation. Each adviser divided their class’ parents into three or four groups to limit the number of people who will attend the said orientation. Important matters were discussed such as the school’s learning modality, the grading system, the reminders in using social media, and of course, the safety protocols inside the school premises.

The first distribution of modules for this school year was last August 23, 2021. Students are expected finish their modules within two weeks. Since they have done it for quite a year already, parents and students already know what to do. Just like the previous year, parents will teach their children but the teachers will still be there to guide them and answer whatever questions they have regarding the lessons. Furthermore, to asses the parents and teachers, group chats (messenger), were made to serve as their tool for communication.

We continue to pray for the education of our students, and we also pray for the end of the pandemic.



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