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Sportsfest: A Way of Promoting Unity and Camaraderie

Calbayog City: “It is not good for man to be alone.” (Gen. 2:18) As a social being, it is undeniable that we are living in a community and are also formed by that same community. Indeed, Nazareth Formation House (NFH) is one among many communities. True to its name, it is where we are living at the moment and it is where we are also formed as human persons and as disciples of Christ.

One of the programs of NFH is oriented towards the human formation of a person which partly includes organizing sports events for the physical fitness and well-being of an aspirant. That’s why, on February 4, 2020, NFH officially opened its Sportfest 2020 with the theme: “Promoting unity and camaraderie in line with St. John Calabria in the year of Ecumenism, Inter-Religious Dialogue and Indigenous people.”

Undoubtedly, this event will not only showcase our talents and skills but will also build up good relationships among members of the community. Despite different cultures, attitudes and opinions, this event will keep us being united in the spirit of brotherhood and sportsmanship. Finally, this Sportsfest will nurture our teamwork and cooperation with one another and will help us appreciate each other’s talents and skills as we nourish everyone’s uniqueness and concomitantly mold our own personality.


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