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CFS Family Feast Day 2019

Taytay: Teacher-parent relationship is one of the greatest factors that affect the child's holistic development. Everything that the child learns in school must be supported by the parents at home. Moreover, it is vital for the parents to get involved in every activity of the school. With that, the Calabrian Formation School, Inc. has come up with a program to promote good relationship between the students’ family and the school.

Last October 4, 2019, Friday, the Calabrian Formation School, Inc. joyfully celebrated the Family Feast Day 2019. Before the program, a Mass was held and officiated by the school administrator, Fr. Ronald Eborde. The CFS teachers started the program with the song "St. John Calabria", then followed by an opening prayer led by Mrs. Ma. Luz S. Iglesia. Mrs. Ana Castro initiated the singing of the National Anthem along with the Drum and Lyre Pupils. For the opening remarks, Fr. Ronald gave a short talk highlighting how important it is for the children to obey their parents and their teachers. Before the dance presentations of the parents and the students, it was preceded by the Drum and Lyre of the pupils' rendition of the hit song Señorita. After each level presentation, games and raffles were also conducted by the GPTA officers. Then, the parents and students along with their teachers dined together for lunch in their respective classrooms. The program concluded with the GPTA’s token of appreciation for the CFS teachers.

Indeed, parental involvement in school activities has positive impact to the child’s overall development. With the parents’ cooperation, the program ended interestingly and meaningfully.


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