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Calbayog City: September was indeed an eventful month for the collegian formandees since it was the month where the Seminary Days were held. The official opening took place on September 17. The 4 teams namely, Vicars, Cardinals, Presbyters and Missioners (names which are inspired by the Year of Consecrated Life) competed in basketball, volleyball, some indoor games, quiz bee, and the most anticipated of all, the Cultural Nights where the formandees were able to show their talents.

September 27 contained the turning point of the entire event since it was the feast day of St. Vincent De Paul, the patron saint of the diocesan seminary. Later that night, the victory ball was held, where the Team Missioners was proclaimed as the over-all champion.

The theme of this year’s Seminary Days was “Forming Servant-leaders for the New Evangelization”. After all the busy days and hectic preparations, we hope that all our formandees were able to learn what it truly means to be a servant leader, because if that is so, then it was not only the Team Missioners who was the champion. Everyone


May the Lord be praised!


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