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NFH Community 2018

Calbayog City: “Let us begin again!” These words of St. John Calabria are true to life in many aspects. Beginning again doesn’t mean the end of something. It only reminds us of the kind of God we have, whose steadfast love never ceases (Lam. 3:22).

This year’s community welcomed two of the new set of formators – Fr. Melchizedek de Lara, the new rector, and Fr. Joseph Pasini, the new spiritual director. Fr. Thomas Pichapillil is the new community administrator.

There is a total of 32 formandees this year, 8 of which are pre-collegians. On the other hand, there are 9 third-year collegians and 15 fourth-year collegians. Classes officially started last June 11, 2018.


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