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Bagani Fever in Sportsfest 2018

Calbayog City: The Nazareth Formation House Community kicked off this year’s sportsfest opening ceremony, held at NFH grounds last June 15, 2018, at around 3 pm. This year’s four teams were: Taga-Kalakal, Taga-Gubat, Taga-Laot and Taga Patag, named after the four tribes in a local TV series, Bagani.

True to their names, the four teams were not deterred by the heat of the afternoon sun and showed off their vigor to win the preliminary games – tire and sack race, lusot sa higot and team calling. Prior to that, sportsfest torches were lighted and carried around by the team captains.

In his message, Fr. Melchizedek de Lara said that carrying out this kind of activity would hopefully be of help to strengthen the family spirit of the community.


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