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Taytay: Near the borderline of Pasig and Taytay Rizal lies the home for poorest of the poor, San Juan Resettlement Area. It is well known for being the "Flood Capital of Rizal" where no drainage system can be found and no fine roads can be crossed . In addition to its reality, you can see tremendous number of malnourished children living in the area. Due to its advocacy to feed those children living in the area, Disciplesheep Ministries was founded by Myla Abeleda and Neil Jhocson in partnership with PSDP, Basic Ecclesial Communities and SLRP Youth Ministry. In connection to its advocacy, the 'shepherds' (servants) visit their sheeps (children) every Friday to monitor their situation in the family. It is also essential to build good relationship to their family as well as to create a peaceful and God-centered community. Every Saturday is the actual program of Disciplesheep where they feed the sheeps physically and spiritually. They provide programs which help the children to be familiarized of the different stories in the bible, film showing, stage plays, and puppet shows. They also provide seminars and medical check-ups tied up with University of the East - Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, Inc., to enrich their personal hygiene as well, and to expose them in healthy lifestyle. At the end of the program they feed the children with healthy menus cooked with love by the shepherds. Let us pray to the Divine Providence for the guidance and success of its advocacy of empowering the future and the hope of our Church.


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