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Osteoporosis Screening

Taytay: On the 11th of November at the Gym of Calabria Formation School was conducted an Osteoporosis Screening with a theme “Matibay na Buto, Meron Ka Ba Nito?” The Program was an activity which focuses on increasing awareness about the common bones and joints diseases in adults as well as screening those aged 40 and above for their risk in developing osteoporosis.

The event started with the participants registering at the first station. After which, they were asked to answer a pre-test which acts as their entry to the lottery as well as food stub. Then, patients’ anthropometrics were measured and they were subjected to a survey. Results of the survey underwent a calculation using a FRAX tool and results were released to each participant.

There were also lectures regarding the common bones and joints diseases in adults – i.e. Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, and Gout – as well as possible preventive measures that each of them would be able to do at home. Participants responded well to the lecture and was interested in the posed topic. Questions were also asked to which the speakers were able to answer properly.


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