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Calabrian Vocation Jamboree

Cagayan de Oro City: On the feast day of St. John Calabria, just few weeks ago, the entire Calabrian family officially launched the Calabrian Vocation Year. As part and parcel of this yearlong activity, the vocation committee of Cagayan de Oro City organized a Calabrian Vocation Jamboree on this day here in Lumbia Novitiate House, San Isidro, Cagayan de Oro City. The said event was participated mostly by the youth of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal Parish (Lumbia) and some boys of Calabrian Children’s Foundation (CCF), Inc.

Before anything else in the morning, all the participants were gathered around the Table of the Lord for the Eucharistic celebration. Fr. Joseph Pasini, PSDP presided over the celebration wherein, in his homily, he highlighted that the call of Jesus to follow him remains true up to the present moment. After the mass, they proceeded to the covered court for a talk about “Vocation in General” and some activities.

In the afternoon, to awaken their dormant spirits, a parlor game was set up, and then it was followed by a talk about the specific Christian vocation to Single blessedness, married life, consecrated life and priestly life wherein some visitors were invited to give a testimony pertaining to their specific vocation.

Indeed, this jamboree is only a beginning of series of activities. By next month, another vocation activity is expected to happen in Lumbia Novitiate House or elsewhere. Let us hope and pray that many youth will participate to the upcoming activities and, through our help, they may be able to discern the call of God in their lives.


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