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Nazareth Formation House - An Overview

Calbayog City: To build up the Kingdom of God, in other words, making this world a better one is our main Christian Vocation, and more, as a Calabrian Family, according to the dream of Fr. John Calabria. But bringing such vision into its realization has greatly challenged those who were involved in such dream. In preparing people for this vocation, as from the beginning of the Opera, we need a suitable environment where the youths can gradually reflect their Life’s Project and respond to God’s call. This Calabrian perspective of forming a future religious and even moral leaders for the citizens, who would be the future servants in building the Kingdom, has been started here in the Philippines, specifically, in the Nazareth Formation House. We do believe that a formation house like ours is not just literally a matter of a building, but a community of brotherhood where everyone is welcomed, given importance, and loved. Above all, the community we have is a great help in living the dream of our dear Fr. John Calabria.

At the present our Nazareth Formation House is located in Calbayog City, Province of Western Samar, Philippines. It accommodates forty-three (43) aspirants coming from twelve (12) various places here in the Philippines archipelago. They are aging from seventeen (17) up to twenty-two (22) years old and are speaking six (6) different mother tongues. They are currently studying A.B. Philosophy at St. Vincent de Paul College Seminary. Including also the four (4) Formators, who tirelessly work for the development of all and whose guidance and sincere help made us to reach our goal.

For the personal growth and formation of the Aspirants some of the activities are the prayer, Apostolate with the poor, living together with the community, studies, works, etc. They are intended to give us a more integral human formation as possible. They make us aware of the realities where the humanity is suffering outside of our walls. Thus, it makes us committed to help them even to the point of being sent into the places where “no one goes” and no one ever dared to help. We believe why we are still existing in the present is that because God certainly gathered us into one community through Fr. John where God directs us into the service of building the Kingdom. We are here to serve and help those who are in need of God’s grace. As of now, we concentrate our formation in the Formation House. It is because in the near future we want to go and help people around the world. In all of these, we look forward to the fulfillment of that dream we are trying to achieve. Together as a community through the works and blessings of God through our founder, we are given the opportunities each day to bring that dream into fulfillment. We commit ourselves in this vocation, therefore, we are committed as well to persevere and to give our best for the sake of God’s Kingdom.



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