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CCF Summer Camp 2016 Evaluation

Cagayan de Oro City – At 9:00 AM, PSDP religious and CCF Staff convened this day at CCF Kauswagan for the evaluation of the summer camp. Unaffected by the scorching sun which added heat to the discussion, the group was adamant in looking at the various areas of the Summer Camp. Fr. Ronald Eborde, CCF administrator, served as the facilitator of the meeting. He began by reminding the group of the objectives by which the summer camp was organized. Later on, he invited the group to critically look at the different activities and its corresponding committee: Sports, Worship, Formation, and Logistics. As the meeting progressed, each aspect was given due importance. Undoubtedly, lights and shadows were seen and proposals were also being made. However, looking forward, this camp’s lapses became an eye-opener for the future activity. Settled and adjourned, a good lunch was prepared by the house parents. This served as their consolation after a whole-morning of evaluation and discernment. When the prayer after meals was said, the group parted ways toward their communities.


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