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NFH Board and Staff Lenten Recollection

Calbayog City: “Collaborators are important for without them, it will be hard for us to manage our house or the seminary”, Rev. Fr. Melchizedek de Lara said in his homily during the annual Lenten Recollection of our Collaborators and board of management yesterday.

Amidst the ongoing and unbreakable chain of the devastating pandemic which spread throughout the globe, Nazareth Formation House collaborators have shown their eagerness and great enthusiasm towards the said activity. Trusting and abandoning to the disposition of the Divine Providence is the central and major theme of the Lenten Recollection; “Trust in the Lord”.

The first part of the said recollection started at exactly 10:00 A.M. All collaborators gathered together at the Nazareth Formation House chapel. The needs of one’s spiritual prayer impel them to attend the spiritual activity. A smile on each face shows an intimate and close bond with God. Fr. De Lara, the speaker of the said recollection urged and shared with them the “importance of prayer life”. The first part ended with the exposition and adoration of the Most Precious Body and Blood of Christ.

The second and the last part of the recollection was the Eucharistic celebration which started at 1:30 in the afternoon and ended at 2:30. After the mass, they had snacks and finally, all went home imbued with the love and mercy of the Lord.



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