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Modular Distance Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has called for the education sector to think of a way to continue learning. Since face-to-face education is forbidden, the Department of Education has come up with different modalities and one of those is the Modular Distance Learning.

In line with this, the Calabrian Formation School, Inc. held a seminar last August 31, 2020, entitled Learning and Awareness in the MDL: Modular Distance Learning which tackles the proper way of writing a module. It was facilitated by the previous CFS teacher and now an English Department Head Teacher, Mrs. Margie Baylon. She discussed the key concepts of writing a module, what should be its contents, and gave the teachers fresh ideas on how they are going to deal with the “new normal”.

The discussion itself inspired the teachers to do better and find more ways to teach effectively despite the pandemic that we are going through.



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