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Message of the Delegate Superior to the Religious in the Philippines

Dear brothers and sisters, Greetings! As the nation and the entire humanity are facing this covid-19 pandemic which cause many lives and affect thousands more, let us all the more humble ourselves before the God of mercy and compassion. All the more it is a time that we religious and priests to be one with our people in prayer and action. I therefore propose that aside from our regular prayer and Eucharistic celebration, each community should find a time for an hour of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. Let us not forget to fulfill our lenten obligation of prayer, fasting and charity. I hope that everybody is able to receive the regularly sacrament of Reconciliation. All the more that we have to dedicate ourselves in our apostolate with necessary precautions, so that people may not feel abandon during this time of trial, but instead feel the presence, care and love of God. Fr. Miguel has given us his blessing from San Zeno, holding the relic of our founder Saint John Calabria. Let us receive this blessing with faith and abandonment to the hands of God, our merciful Father. Through the motherly intercession of Mary and St. John Calabria. May this covid-19 pandemic will come to an end soon. May God bless us all!


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