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"Community Adoration"

Taytay: In response to the call of the Cassante and His council, the Parish community of PSDP have their daily adoration before the Eucharistic Celebration. It starts around 5:00 in the afternoon. The intention of everyday adoration is for the crisis that we are experiencing in this very moment.

We are all suffering! We are all saddened by the deaths and the rise of those afflicted by CoVid-19. Many are afraid, anxious, and in hunger because of the need to quarantine or lockdown, and many are losing hope to see their loved ones affected by the illness. But this time is also a time to look at ourselves! To examine our relationship with God and with our neighbors. How are we? How is my relationship with God going? May this time of trials, and difficulties will help us to be more closer and closer to God.

"In the Congregation there exists, from its beginning, some traditional exercises of piety. They are to be regarded with respect and veneration and continued with great fidelity, as much as possible, trying to update them in the light of progress in Liturgy: e.g. 'The HOLY HOUR.'" (Constitution and Directory #72)


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