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ARC Lenten Recollection

Calbayog City: Today, the Association of Religious in Calbayog (ARC) had a Lenten Recollection here at Nazareth Formation House. The recollection was facilitated by Rev. Fr. Jimmy Yakit, OFM and was participated by no less than 38 religious working in the Diocese of Calbayog.

In the morning, Fr. Jimmy gave some inputs about Lent and in the afternoon, a short meeting was facilitated by Rev. Fr. Melchizedek de Lara, PSDP, ARC president. At 2:15 PM, the assembly was gathered around the Table of the Lord for the Eucharist. Within this Eucharistic celebration, the newly elected officers of ARC pronounced their promise to fulfill their duties as stipulated in the constitutions of the ARC.

Soon after the Eucharistic celebration, all slowly traveled going back to their respective communities.


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