“Gift Giving” Children Christmas party

Taytay – Rizal: On December 23, at 3pm to 6 pm, took place in the Calabria formation School (CFS) the “Gift Giving” Children Christmas Party. It was a Party, organized by the Youth ministry, BECs, brothers and sisters PSDP and some generous sponsors. Were present 300 children between 2 years old to 11 years old, from San Lorenzo Ruiz parish. During the party the children had: prayer, animation song, dance, games, gift giving and snack. Our objective was to give to the children one possibility to celebrate Christmas, and let them to experience the mystery of Jesus’birh through this moment of joy. We give thanks to God for His generosity through all those who have contributed to make this moment possible. May the Lord bless all of them, the children and their family.