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Welcoming Christ in Our Hearts

Come, Lord Jesus!

Advent, as we know it, signifies the beginning of a new liturgical year of the Church. It is a fresh start, a promising beginning, a new year. This season is about the preparation to celebrate the birth of Jesus (Incarnation) and the anticipation of His second coming at the end of time (Parousia).

It is for this reason that NFH starts to feel the Christmas atmosphere. Advent wreath, Christmas trees, flickering Christmas lights, Belen and other ornaments speak how the seminarians have their heads on doing preparations for the season. Everyone is creative and is doing their best to make the spirit of Advent more alive.

But what’s outside must mirror what’s inside. These external arrangements and undertakings are done to lead everyone to the real essence of the celebration. And that real essence is about welcoming Christ in our hearts.


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