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Vocation Promotion

Calbayog City: The St. Vincent de Paul College Seminary (SVPCS) and the Nazareth Formation House—Poor Servants of Divine Providence (NFH-PSDP) had a vocation promotion program. This activity was promoted by SVPCS seminarians and NFH-PSDP aspirants who were commissioned by the Diocese of Calbayog's Vocation Director, Rev. Fr. Henry Milka collaborated with the Spiritual Director of NFH-PSDP, Rev. Fr. Mark Jonnel H. Magos, PSDP.

  The said activity happened on February 3–7, 2024. The seminarians and the aspirants were divided into groups, and they were assigned to selected parishes and mission centers within the Diocese of Calbayog.

Vocation promotion is one way of helping young people discover their true vocation through a process of formation and discernment. Moreover, this is also a way of discovering the meaning and joy of life in serving God and His people by following the good example of Jesus Christ's teachings in the Gospel.

  Everyone is invited to support and promote vocations for young people through prayer and assistance in various ways. May the fruits of labor be abundant for the greater glory of God's kingdom.




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