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A Simple Tribute to Br. Olinto

Taytay, Rizal: Last night, the community of San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish organized a simple program in tribute to Br. Olinto Bet, PSDP, one of the first three pioneers of the Calabrian mission in the Philippines. He came to San Lorenzo in the year 1990. Back then, it was not yet a parish, but a scattered flock. hoping and longing for a shepherd to pasture them.

In wonderful ways, the Divine Providence sent them the Calabrian missionaries, namely: Fr. Giusto Squizatto (+), Fr. Miguel Pacheco, and Br. Olinto Bet, who were then searching for a place to start their missionary activities. To cut the story short, they settled at San Lorenzo Ruiz and worked tirelessly and committedly to cater the spiritual needs of the people. However, their efforts were not in vain. Through the help of the Calabrian missionaries who came later and continued what they started; the community is now a well-organized parish with active ministries and growing number of memberships.

Thus, in gratitude for all that he is and what he did to San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish, the parishioners of San Lorenzo Ruiz flocked last night to thank him personally for his untiring effort and committed service. They offered him wishes and prayers that in his mission now overseas, he will always carry in his heart the love shared to him by the people of San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish.



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