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Children back to School

Cagayan de Oro: Garbed themselves with their new school uniform, the children in CCF are filled with excitement as they welcomed their first class in school after months of holidays. In this school year, CCF has 17 boys (3 high school students and 14 elementary pupils) and 20 girls (6 high school students and 13 elementary pupils). As in the previous years, the elementary pupils of CCF Bayabas (home for boys) are enrolled at Bayabas Elementary School while those of CCF Kauswagan (home for girls) are at Kauswagan Central School. However, unlike the previous years where high school students of both houses take their secondary studies at Bayabas National High School, by this time the high school students of CCF Kauswagan are enrolled at Kauswagan National High School for convenience reason. So, as they enter the threshold of this new academic year 2018-2019, CCF envisions that children will develop not only their mental capacity, their talents and skills but they too will become peace loving persons with a deep sense of respect for the rights and dignity of each human person and with an awareness that they are loved by God, our benevolent and loving Father.


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