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Special Project: Toothbrush Hour

Taytay: The UERMMMCI clinical clerks had their special project entitled “Toothbrush Hour” to help encourage audience of Grade 1-3 students to brush their teeth even while in school. This project came as a response to the nearly 70% prevalence of dental caries among the students in the school seen during the Annual Physical Examination (APE). They also decided to include a presentation on head lice since it was the second most common morbidity seen during the APE.

Their project was comprised of several lectures and visual presentations aimed at helping both students and parents understand dental caries and head lice, how to prevent them, and why it is important that they be prevented. There were video presentations, skits, and even a jingle for toothbrush hour designed to make it easier for the kids to know the proper way to brush their teeth. At the end of the program, participants were given hygiene kits composed of a toothbrush, gargling mug, and a tube of toothpaste which they hoped pupils would bring to school every day and use to brush their teeth.


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