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Annual Physical Exam

Taytay: In partnership with Calabrian Formation School (CFS), the clinical clerks of the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center (UERMMMC) were tasked to complete this year’s annual physical exam of the elementary and kinder students. From Tuesday to Friday over a period of 2 weeks, they would examine one section every morning and one section after lunch.

Upon completion of the annual physical exam and synthesis of the data, the top 5 causes of morbidity among the students in descending order were: dental caries, pediculosis capitis infection (head lice), impacted cerumen, respiratory tract infections, and error of refraction. A whopping 68% of students had dental caries and this alarmed them greatly.

They suggest that future annual PE’s should have a higher attendance as only around half of the students from the school were able to participate. There should be greater emphasis placed on proper personal hygiene of prevent further cases of dental caries, head lice and respiratory infections.


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