Triennial Profession of Bro. Caster Von and Bro. Nelson

Calbayog City: Alongside the celebration of the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the PSDP family is grateful in the Lord for the self-offering to God through the rite of triennial profession of two religious brothers, Bro. Caster Von S. Calipes and Bro. Nelson A. Raz.

The mass started at 10:30 AM and was held in the chapel of Nazareth Formation House. The celebration was joined in by various religious brothers and sisters in Calbayog, friends and families of the triennially professed brothers. The two did their profession before Fr. Rey Olan who was the main presider.

We thank God for the gift of vocation of our two brothers. May the grace of God and the support of their fellow Poor Servants help them to be grateful to God and faithful to His call.


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